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The Flim-Flam Man

The Flim-Flam Man(1967)

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  • Flim-Flam Man TCM premier

    • ned
    • 6/27/16

    The Flim-Flam Man's recent premier on TCM brought back some memories. I was born and raised in the area of NC where the film fictionally takes place, and graduated from HS a year before the film's 1967 original release. A fine comedic screenplay; well directed; a uniformly outstanding cast. Of course, most attention goes to Scott's masterful turn as the title character. But the heart of the film for me is Sue Lyon. I remember the jolt way back when of seeing her on screen for a few moments in a nighty - holy moly. And I'm telling you that girl could kiss! Curly's head-over-heels reaction to Lyon's character rang true for me, and gave the movie that bit of plausibility needed in the face of the fast-paced slapstick comedy. Having seen Lyon in that part, I can't imagine another actress in the role. Keeping in mind that dying is easy but comedy is hard, I give it 5 sentimental stars.

  • Fun Flim-Flam Film!

    • Tommy Elkins
    • 6/26/16

    Fun Flim-Flam Film! Guy Owen was the author of the book. Guy Owen's Mother and my Father were first cousins in Southeastern North Carolina. Eastern North Carolina was the home for tobacco farms and tobacco markets. Most towns had tobacco warehouses where tobacco was auctioned off during sale days. Market days were both business and social events. One learned to not believe everything that you saw or heard. There were always those who would take advantage of the nave or uneducated. The markets were also where one could learn some important life lessons. If you were not careful, you could buy shoddy goods or just pay way too much for items. In essence, a young girl or boy had a chance to see the real world up close! Hopefully, the parents were around to give them some guidance. As I look at it now, it was what growing up is all about. Be adventurous, be bold, be trusting, but know that you will get stiffed at some point. Enjoy the adventure!

  • flim flam man

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/26/16

    Well, this movie sure conned the critics and TCM reviewers, huh? It's yet another in a long, condescending line of Hollywood Looks Down Its Nose At Dumb Hicks comedies that goes all the way back to "Ma And Pa Kettle" and which, unless it's legitimately hilarious, like say "Miracle Of Morgan's Creek," I find highly resistible. Anyway here's a list of what I didn't like about this movie: 1)The car chase, which so many find "gut busting," I found mind numbing, like rejects from "Smokey And The Bandit" (another unfunny HLDINADH movie) 2) The scams that the title character perpetrates on the Dumb Hicks are so stupid they wouldn't even fool a Trump voter. 3) The love interest between Sue Lyon and Michael Sarazin should be bottled as a sleep aid. 4) George C. Scott cannot do comedy, not even a little bit. Plus, he doesn't look anywhere close to 70. 5) Jerry Goldsmith's oh so cute Dumb Hicks score, complete with the obligatory banjo twanging whenever a Dumb Hick does a pratfall, which occurs often, is truly annoying. Give it a C instead of a D because some of the more dramatic scenes between Sarazin and Scott are well handled (there's no question of Scott's skills when playing Serious) and the rural western Kentucky location shooting is most appealing.


    • el debbo
    • 7/23/15

    Does anyone else get Jack Albertson mixed up with Arthur O'Connell? Anyhoo, this is a wonderful, laugh-out-loud movie! And with almost 2,000 votes to get it on DVD, you would think TCM would do something. Don't they bust a move on our votes?? It's available on Amazon at times. When their red convertible went careening down through the fields, blowing smoke the whole way, I thought I'd bust my use a Kentucky expression. I can see why George C. Scott said this was his favorite role. Just a fantastic movie. 5 glittering stars from me.


    • matt johnson
    • 2/28/13

    Filmed in Lawrenceburg, Ky. Court house still the same.

  • the flim flam man

    • jeff ross
    • 1/28/12

    a classic next to huck fin bring it on to dvd ill burn it out

  • the Twilight Time DVD

    • Rachael Bitchlist
    • 12/10/11

    Flim-Flam Man has been available on DVD from Screen Archives since September 2011. Fox, apparently, has no interest in issuing the film, still. However, they licensed it out for Screen Archives' Twilight Times series.The DVD looks fair. It has more dirt and spot on the print than you'd care for. I counted 5 burns on the middle third of the film. The colour is a bit faded. The audio was rock solid. is the sole vendor as far as I know.

  • last century

    • terry
    • 11/20/11

    Why is such a native classic as "The Flim Flam Man" not available? Well, it's just not known in this century and it depicts quite a different era than can be readily envisioned today. George C. Scott is superb as neither the protagonist nor antagonist in this story of ordinary people.

  • The flim flam man

    • Steven Greenberg
    • 8/21/11

    The movie is a classic. It is one of my favorites. I am surprised to find out it was never released on DVD. I would love to find it, even on VHS to watch it. I sure hope some day they do release it on DVD.

  • Flim Flam Man

    • Debra
    • 6/25/11

    My husband and I loved the movie Flim Flam Man. We have searched every avenue for a DVD. Will that some day become available? George C. Scott is priceless in that movie. We want to share this movie with our children. Quality character movies that every one can see in your family are very hard to find.

  • The Flim Flam Man

    • Joe Neumen
    • 6/20/11

    One of my all time favorite movies, yet it does not appear in DVD, which is absurd in this day and age.I could not locate to area to vote to have it put in DVD format, and hope this gets to TCM

  • big george c. scott fan

    • ed
    • 5/8/11

    George C. Scott was arguably the most versatile actor that ever was. From The Hustler to Dr. Strangelove to Patton to The Flim-Flam Man and many many others, he could do it all. Why isn't the Flim-Flam Man on DVD? It was great entertainment, with Scott at his most versatile. A great comedy with a great supporing cast in Harry Morgan and the late great Michael Sarazzin and some serious overtones, this movie belongs on DVD. It's better than half the junk that is currently on DVD.

  • The Flim Flam Man

    • James
    • 5/3/11

    My favorite movie of all time. The look, the feel, this moive is the best. Delightfully funny and sensitive. Great movie.


    • 4/7/11


  • Amazed this is not on DVD

    • Jim
    • 6/23/10

    I am truly amazed that this movie is not on DVD. This may not be an Academy Award winning movie, however it is entertaining and just plain fun to watch.

  • Flim Flam Man

    • Bill Thomas
    • 6/1/10

    "You can't cheat an honest man". That was the philosophy of the Flim Flam Man and he made a living cheating the dishonest ones. And who doesn't enjoy watching those kind of people get their one uppance. This was somewhat of a cult film when it was first released but is timelss for its hilarious scenes and the strong performance of Scott. I'm waiting for the DVD to be released to add it to may collection.

  • You've Got to Be Kidding

    • Dave
    • 7/28/09

    How is this movie not on DVD. Watched a terrible print years ago on VHS and this is certainly a candidate for remastering. Great scenery, storyline, and performances. George C. Scott could be the most underated actor of his generation. Slim Pickens is fantastic as usual.

  • The Flim Flam Man DVD Release?

    • Ryan
    • 4/3/09

    Just a mystery why this movie hasn't been released as of April 2009! George C Scott is at his best and the movie is fast paced with a fine cast... Harry Morgan, Jack Albertson, Albert Salmi, Woodrow Parfrey, Slim Pickens... Hope this future movie Jem, when released, will include deleted scene "The Jewlery Trick" & have some vintage interviews from when the movie was made. George C Scott once said, it was his favorite roll!

  • A Must See

    • Jim
    • 12/3/08

    This is another great movie that should be released on DVD but hasn't been. This is a funny movie that is safe for the whole family. I haven't seen this movie in years and still get a warm chuckle thinking about it. Unfortunately they don't make movies like this anymore.

  • You want funny?

    • Brian Kelly
    • 9/18/08

    I saw it in a theater with my dad and he's not a man known for huge laughter...except during this film. An awesome cast and it even comes with a touching ending. A really really good flick.

  • Priceless comedy

    • Larry Webb
    • 1/18/08

    In an atypical role, George C. Scott is engagingly hammy in the same way Charles Laughton so often was. A stellar cast of character actors bolsters a movie that relies on its unrelenting charm to rise above the somewhat "catoonish" plot devices. This is one to watch over and over.

  • the flim flam man

    • colin laraway
    • 11/15/07

    this ones an all time great comedy wonderful cast and even a small amount of wisdom in it's message besides who can forget slim pickens" Hot dam Hot diggidy dam" and of course sue lyon.

  • The Flim-Flan Man

    • Frank Wetmore
    • 10/29/07

    When I think back over the great funny movies I've seen, this one always come to mind. It's my favorite Geo C Scott role and includes several great supporting actors. It's truly a gem. When is it going to available in DVD format? A genuine classic for sure.

  • Why is this classic not on DVD???

    • Randy
    • 10/8/07

    George Scott in one of his best roles. This film also stars Harry Morgan from Mash fame. I can't believe this gem is not on DVD given all the trash you see produced out there on DVD.

  • One of the best classics of all time

    • John
    • 7/9/07

    An absolute classic film. It is truly amazing that with all the dumb, retarted and bizzare movies that no one would watch twice that have found there way onto dvd, that a classic like this with such an all-star cast continues to go ignored.It is time that this movie comes in widescreen format to dvd with any deleted scenes.

  • I seek it here, I seeke it there ...

    • Bjarne Jensen
    • 6/11/07

    But haven't found it yet, as a DVD-film.I've been talking so much about 'The Flim Flam Man'-movie tru the years to my children, so now they demand that I do something about getting the movie so they can decide for them self : Is it so fabulous as the old man says it is ?Hope that Your effort may come tru so that it will be possible to buy the movien on a DVD.

  • Great Movie

    • Vic Owings
    • 2/18/07

    The Flim Flam Man is one of the best George C. Scott movies I've ever seen.Have been looking for movie on DVD for years. I have it on VHS, however I very seldom use my VHS any longer. Severl George C Scott movies have made it to DVD. Hopefully The Flim Flam Man will soon be available

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