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God's Little Acre

God's Little Acre(1958)


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    • 6/13/19

  • God's Little Acre

    • Blaise
    • 6/13/19

    What an interesting and different movie! Well worth watching. Robert Ryan shows his incredible range in this; so different from his usual menacing roles. And there are surprising performances by Jack Lord, Buddy Hackett and Tina Louise. Anthony Mann certainly got the most out of everyone involved.

  • Tina Louise is amazing in this!

    • Doug
    • 5/23/19

    Tina Louise should have had more acting opportunities. She had star power in this, and it's sad to think that she ended up just being known for "Gilligan's Island."

  • Robert Ryan At His Best !

    • 6/12/16

    Now I've only seen "what I've seen of" Robert Ryan. But how refreshing it was to actually see him use a wide variety of his talents - here. You actually "loved" the man. I was watching this with others and they actually felt pain when Ryan's character is assaulted late in the film. He is so human and so lovable in this role, truly relates to the "everyman".. He's terrific, not your average Ryan "tough guy" or "boxer" or unfeeling heel. This is such a refreshing Ryan role. I also liked Jack Lord who creates a vulnerable "Buck". I believe this film has a true message that is worthwhile, that there can be great wisdom in each and every kind hearted "fool". Ryan creates a character to rival Spencer Tracy here, no he is not as steadfast or noble, or flawless or cultured. But he is a brilliant fatherly hero nonetheless. I loved this film and was glad I watched it.

  • Same old hokywood pap.

    • Will
    • 6/11/16

    Everyone between NYC and Hollywood and south of the Mason Dixon line are a bunch of freaks and idiots. Then throw in some porn and you get the standard hollywood formula, sex sells. And by definition according to the closet critics it suddenly becomes art of a greatness previously unknown by mankind. What garbage.

  • Gods Little Acre

    • Bruce
    • 6/11/16

    I can agree there is some 'over-acting' in this film, you have to remember Hollywood has always desired to denigrate the south. Still, I think for myself, it is - if not the very best of Robert Ryan. One has to stringently remember Ryan (and the others) being told by the director how to play the scenes. One has to understand that there are far more rubes in Cali than Georgia, Alabama, or Mississippi could ever produce. Yes, a measure of vilification at the southerner's expense does exist. A vastly under-rated work. Great cast.


    • william gauslow
    • 11/3/13

    Tina Louise sure can divert your attention from the plot in this movie.

  • Tina Louise is great!

    • Kate
    • 11/2/13

    Overall, I think this movie unwittingly became a parody of itself. It's too much, over the top and seems over acted by everyone except Tina Louise. I think she is great in it and I wish she hadn't become a sex symbol because of her role in this film. The film seems like a Tennessee Williams wannabe...tries too hard and doesn't make it.

  • I really like this production.

    • RedDawg
    • 6/1/12

    Considering the censorship (movie code) this production follows the author's story as closely as possible. Remember the novel is an American literary classic. The cast portrays the characters as well as possible, to allow it to shown in theaters. Robert 'Bob' Ryan shows what a consummate actor he is in his portrayal of Ty Ty. Although the story had to be softened to allow it to get by censorship, it plays true to the author's intent. The entire cast portrayed the characters well, showing the various obsessions of each character.

  • God's Little Acre

    • Bruce
    • 6/15/11

    God's Little Acre is a mesmerizing film. I've never seen Robert "Bob" Ryan insuch a role. You knew at any moment something could happen the way the plotgoes along. Albino Dave's character, Buck's jealously, Griselda's obvious allure,even Darlin Jill - taking a bath outside in the tub. How could Ty Ty keep all of this together - then comes Rosamund and Will. Right when the climax of Will's death comes, the film takes another turn. Out of the word work come Jim Leslie. the longlost son, who also wants Griselda. The movie has it all, greed, lust and desire. Addin Buddy Hacket and Pluto in a more serious role and it is simply - mesmerizing. A great flick. An all star cast. I give it 5 stars. Thank you TCM.

  • Could Be Your Thing

    • Boyer
    • 5/5/11

    God's Little Acre got me from the beginning with the opening credits and music. I liked the way the first ten seconds of music made me think it was a serious drama, but then it went into a quite upbeat and entertaining tune (I'm sure the director intended this). The flick requires a bit of patience, but you are always rewarded when it gets slow. Peformances are great. Dialogue is great. The sex appeal factor of the women is INCREDIBLE. Female actors today could should take lessons from the gals in this movie. Few actresses today compare to the sultry, sexiness you'll see in this flick.Even if you don't watch the entire movie, you gotta see the part about the "Albino."One of my fave movies is Tin Cup. This is nothing like Tin Cup, but it IS one of those movies that, when you are in the right mood for it, will just take you along.That said, five people on the couch on a Saturday night can all enjoy Tin Cup. This movie, is best watched alone, or with a fellow movie lover.The history of the novel, God's Little Acre, fascinating. It sold ten million copies. The author was taken to court on charges of pornogrpahy. The novel was a mile-stone with regards to First Amendment rights.I watched it over three nights, but am glad saw it all.

  • criticism

    • anne
    • 3/17/10

    this movie ... how can anyone say this is a good movie??? the title should be "We are all hot for Griselda"

  • God's Little Acre

    • Herman Mays
    • 3/15/10

    After seeing the trailer, Friday, March 12th, the music caught my attention. Being in my 40's, I'd never heard of the movie, the book or the associated drama caused by both in the 1950's. The cast seemed outstanding and after watching Sunday night(3-14-10), WOW, what a picture!I'm thrilled that TCM has it available for purchase, and at a very reasonable rate!Does anyone know where you could purchase the soundtrack??

  • A Very Good Film

    • Bruce Reber
    • 3/15/10

    I never read Erskine Caldwell's book "God's Little Acre", but I watched the 1958 film version on TCM Sunday night 3/14/10 in it's entirety. I saw about 2 minutes of it when it aired in January, but I turned it off, because it didn't look very interesting to me. I saw a promo for it on TCM and decided to give it another look. "God's Little Acre" is a powerful story of a Georgia farmer (very well played by Robert Ryan) and his obsession with finding the gold that his grandfather told him was buried on his farm and how it nearly destroys his family. Instead of growing crops and making some money, he has dug his farm full of holes and reduced him and his family to near poverty with his futile search for gold. Although he he professes himself to be religious, he even digs on the land that he promised himself he would set aside for God, and moves the cross marking it because if he did find any gold he would have to decide whether or not to share his wealth with God, which he apparently doesn't want to do. Finally he realizes how his search for gold has negatively affected his farm and family, and he vows to make a better life for them and returns to growing crops. Early film appearences by 4 future TV stars - Tina Louise (Ginger on "Gilligan's Island), Jack Lord (Steve McGarrett on "Hawaii Five-O"), Vic Morrow on "Combat", and Michael Landon on "Bonanza", "Little House On The Prairie" and "Highway To Heaven".

  • Remember, this is a Mann's favorite film.

    • robert kawasaki
    • 11/1/09

    For a longest time, I've wanted to see this film. When my dream came true, I was, of course, quite impressed with it. The original tone of Caldwell's book had been soften for the screen, though it tranfered well enough for the motion picture to feel southern heat and passionate lives of a Georgia farmer. Robert Ryan plays Ty Ty, an obsessed gold digging patriarch who almost led his family members to a tragedy. Here, Ryan proves himself as an effective stage actor (He really was an active stage actor also.) by demonstrating a powerful, almost caricature like portrait. He diffuses character's laughter, anger, sorrow and regret with a perfect balance through out the film. Some thought that the role of Ty Ty was not for Ryan who used to play more serious dark characters, but probably nobody could it better than him, because from many prospects, Ty Ty is quite complex figure. It is so unfair to think that Ryan was never nominated for the Oscar for his great performances from THE SET-UP, INFERNO, ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW, THE ICEMAN COMETH or this. Neither director Anthony Mann got no reputation for directing GOD'S LITTLE ACRE. Many sees him as a Western director, but he was more than that. He respected F.W. Murnau and loved Greek mythology. His sense of scenery and dramatic way of expressions are no comparison to others. He saw an action was prominent way for effective story telling. He put every creativities of his to GOD'S LITTLE ACRE that the film actually possesses a pictorial beauty of the southern land, a sensitive tragicomedy taste, full of actions with symbolism, and an intelligent observation of mankind. No wonder Mann considered this as one of his best works. We really have to remember that fact.

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