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A Hatful of Rain

A Hatful of Rain(1957)

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  • Real Rain

    • Roger Steinbrink
    • 3/27/14

    Don Murray was exceptionally good in his role as Johnny.The scene where he was Jonesing in front of Pops was very realistic; the way he started falling apart.That's pretty much the reality of withdrawl symptoms. A somewhat better portrayal than Frank Sinatra's Frankie Machine, although the hallucination scene was a bit out there.

  • Sinatra's Golden Arm is Better

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 5/10/13

    I hate to admit it, but I don't really like this movie. In fact, when I saw it was coming on I inwardly groaned and cursed my insomnia. The reason I don't really like this film is it strikes me as lame. I know that's a lame thing to say, but this is one of those instances where lame is as lame does. Out of all of the cast I think Eva Marie Saint is the least lame, except at the end of the movie. She describes my sentiments exactly when she tells Franciosa he needs to leave because his love for her is embarrassing. Yes, that drunk scene was quite embarrassing and not to mention, lame. When it comes to Murray, he became extremely lame when he went out to rob people and couldn't do it. I understand why he didn't rob the lady. I'm sure she was a screamer with no money and costume jewelry. But sheesh, it was like the man had been robbed so many times he would have given Murray his money, watch, and tips for future pedestrian stick-ups. This is where the lame comes in - he couldn't rob strangers, but he had no problem robbing people he loved of their money and dreams. I think the highest of the lamers were the drug dealers. They reminded me of the "street toughs" from Seinfeld, but they weren't funny, and they comported themselves with way less dignity even though Silva was trying to be cool. I suppose since they were drug dealers they were meant to be scary. They certainly weren't scary, but that was because they were so silly, which I don't think is what the director intended, which therefore equals lame. Nolan was so loud and out-of-it as a father. But, really for him, it was the loudness that earns him a "lame." And finally, Eva Marie Saint was the one guiding pillar in the whole movie, until the very end when she miraculously receives a divine vision of exactly how calling the police on her husband will get him sent to a Kentucky rehab. And that will save him from heroin, because she suddenly is an expert on addiction and recovery with no prior knowledge. Lame.

  • Play it Again TCM

    • Patty Meade
    • 9/10/12

    I spent all day watching in 10 minute bits, in between house chores. I was distressed when it cut off, thought I must have switched channels while recording. I already set the keywords to record again. I can't find it on U Tube and don't have Netflix anymore.Really good movie. I'm suprised it didn't get more recognition. Tony Franciosa was one of my favorite actors, along with Jack Lemmon and Alan Arkin.

  • Play it again Sam

    • Larry
    • 9/2/12

    A great movie, my wife and I had never heard of it and recorded it for later viewing. We were very impressed with the quality of the movie but very disappointed it cut off with about five minutes to go. What the heck happened? Please play again so we can watch the WHOLE movie. Would very much like to see the ending. Up to the point where it cut off there was some excellent acting, especially by Don Murray and Tony Franciosa. Lloyd Nolan was great as well. Mother - in the person of Henry Silva - was his usual dastardly self. Can't ask for anything better.

  • One of My Favorites

    • CHRIS
    • 8/31/12

    I saw this movie as a kid and was very moved by both the story and the impressive acting. Over the years I have waited in vain for it to be released on DVD, but who knows if that will ever happen? So I was thrilled to see it on the TCM schedule and set my DVR to record it....and it ran over the scheduled time, so the last few minutes were cut off. What an absolute shame!!! To add further insult to injury, it was shown in pan and scan, clearly cutting actors out of scenes. An absolute disgrace for network supposedly dedicated to the purity of the original product. us all a favor, show it again and show it as it was intended. We will be watching!

  • Hatful of Rain

    • jo hoy
    • 8/24/12

    This is a wonderful movie that I have been waiting to see . I saw it long ago and have not been able to get through Netflix. TCM had it on the other night and it cut off right before the ending and I was so sad that it cut off before the ending, so I never saw the whole movie. Another person on IMDB said the same thingl. All the actors were great and I still don't know how it ended!

  • Hatful of Rain....and Life as it was too

    • Richard Alan Naggar
    • 8/21/12

    We did not know a lot of things in the fifities and many life lessons were learned by trial and error. Yes, morphine did do certain things to help alleviate suffering and pain and also did things to hurt...the theme of this movie. It is acted out for us to see and the acting is superb for its reality and presentation of the subject matter via a family conflicts and how it affects everyone. The dope dealer knows that at some point, he will get paid and doesnt mind even supplying a weopan to induce successful out of the box thinking to addicts who want to commit crimes to raise money. When you are hooked on anything, it owns you. Interesting to note also how drugs are looked down upon as well as anyone assoicated with them too...Also worth noting is that the wife in this movie suspects her husband of having an affair and is not far off as we know that drugs or alcohol are often referred to as the other woman..A sobering, absorbing and entertaining presentation of human nature played out in an every day could be anywhere/anyone environment..enjoy

  • Don Murray in Hatful of Rain

    • Deborah Scott
    • 8/20/12

    All I could remember about Don Murray was his days in the Herbie movies and so I thought he was a lightweight until I saw him in Hatful of Rain. I was amazed and awestruck by his performance. He did an excellent job portraying a narcotic addict especially when he had to do the scenes in which he was in withdrawal. It makes me curious how he learned to portray all of the signs and symptoms of an addict who could not score. It was an awesome performance and his relationship with his brother, played by the excellent Tony Franciosa, was played to perfection by both men. I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen and I feel the same every time I watch it. It seems to me that I saw a different version of this in which Peter Falk played the drug addict and he did a great job too.


    • 8/17/12


  • hatful of rain

    • sam yacoub
    • 6/27/12

    great movie,casts,director, I can watch it hundred of times, specially my favorite actor Mr. tony franciosa


    • jeffery harris
    • 5/22/10

    i love this movie and the reason why because it was filmed in my building 180 south street i live on the 15th floor apartment G and ithe movie was filmed on the 3rd floor apartment A. wow my mom moved there in 1964 i was born in 1966 the movie was in 1957 nine years later we moved there. i never new of this movie until i saw it, i believe2 months ago on TCM. i will always love this movie it shows where i was raised and it looks so different to this day we live there. my mom died april 29 2010 46 years later you guys have opened my eyes to history thanks i think i feel famous thank you TMC.

  • A Hatful of Rain

    • Chris
    • 4/2/10

    What an absolute shame that this film has never been released on DVD! I remember seeing it when I was young, catching it on TV by accident, and it instantly became one of my favorites. Of course it's somewhat dated now in its depiction of drug abuse, but that does not deter from the overall impact. But please,,,,, it in widescreen! And show it often.....we'll be watching.

  • TCM is "all wet" showing Hatful of Rain

    • Guy
    • 1/19/10

    TCM is my favorite TV network. Cable or otherwise. Period. But on occasion they blunder remarkably: because in doing it's totally counter intuitive to their "projected" sensibility as standard bearers of presenting films in the best conditions possible. Thus, why show the under-seen Hatful of Rain in pan-and-scan when it is clearly a Cinemascope feature? By allowing it to air this way you did indeed alter director Fred Zinnemann's vision. Isnt that something that one of your "original production" featurettes highly frowns upon as a practice all too common on other less intellectually and esthetically minded networks?Admittedly, it is an intimate drama set in the close quarters of its late-50s lower-middle-class setting. But you of all broadcasters should not take liberties and make it more "claustrophobic." Further, Zinnemann rarely worked in this format; seeing how he handled the face-to-face interactions would also have made viewing it in its original state that much more noteworthy.Perhaps the widescreen version may not have been available. I just hope that screening was not a matter of economics; you shouldn't "short change" the interests of your core viewership.Likely it was selected to work alongside your evening's programming of "Method Acting." While that is worthy reasoning, it did create the ironic and off-putting twist of having onscreen actors relate to those panned-and-scanned offscreen! Tsk, tsk!Try this one again next time, TCM, and do us all a favor by showing it the way it was meant to be shown...

  • Why No Widescreen?

    • Bruce Reber
    • 1/19/10

    When I watched "A Hatful Of Rain" on TCM Monday 1/18/10 I expected it to be aired in widescreen (or letterbox) format. I was disappointed, because it's a 20th Century Fox film in Cinemascope, and TCM aired the Pan & Scan version instead. The last time I saw "A Hatful Of Rain" was on another movie network more than 10 years ago(I don't remember whether it was in widescreen or not). It'a a very powerful drama about the misery of drug addiction and its effect on one family, done in the style of "Man With The Golden Arm"(1955) starring Frank Sinatra and directed by Otto Preminger. "A Hatful Of Rain" would look much better in widescreen - please show it again soon TCM, and also put it on DVD.

  • Please Show again !!

    • Lisha Spearman
    • 9/5/08

    Would love to see this movie .I only saw the middle to end of this movie ..Please show it again soon ")


    • dora moreno
    • 4/18/08


  • A Hatful of Rain

    • Marge Berks
    • 4/4/08

    I can't figure out this wonderful drama has never been released on DVD or shown on Home Video. The story is still relevant, the acting superb, the impact powerful. How many votes would it take to have this movie considered for release?

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