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Miracle in the Rain

Miracle in the Rain(1956)

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  • Miracle in The Rain

    • deborah
    • 10/6/17

    The most beautiful love story I've ever encountered. I could watch this old black and white movie every day and sometimes I do ! Trying to find this movie in stores so I can purchase it and not have to rent it on cable all the time.

  • Miracle in the rain 1956

    • Kw
    • 9/17/17

    Story so takes a very special soldier to see the true beauty in a person who does not see it in themselves...they bring out the best in you and in turn you both become as one. When life says it time to sleep forever due to health, you would trade places in a heart beat, but it doesn't work that way.. there are no replacements, only to continue sharing your love with that special someone..and know we will always be connected..

  • ten years too late

    • don letta
    • 9/17/17

    The film rates high on the schmaltz scales. Very sentimental and religious, it might have been better filmed in 1943...actually during the war, than ten years after the war ended. A film about the Peggy Castle character and her boss, with the Wyman story a lesser aside, would have been more timely... and interesting. And beautiful Castle would have had a chance to do some acting, and possibly put her career on track. An embarrassing wallow IMHO.

  • Miracle In The Rain

    • Loia
    • 1/28/17

    Excellent love story! Very Intense and sooo clean.

  • Great Love Story

    • sylvia
    • 1/27/17

    Great Movie! I cried! You don't see many Great Love Stories! Van Johnson was so Good! The Title was Very Accurate; A Miracle Did Happen in the Rain! I just had to buy the Movie; it was That Good!

  • A TRUE Classic love story

    • David
    • 1/27/17

    Watched this movie late tonight or early this morning, 2 am to be exact, and it was well worth the long tomorrow. Every once in a while you come across a movie, a classic movie thar just makes you a believer. This is one of those movies. The chemistry between Van Johnson and Jane Wyman is perfect. The plot doesnt take you far but there is no need to, there is just something about love and war that just makes for a beautiful story (Dr. Zhivago, Act of Love, etc.)... I definitely recommend this one...thank you again TCM.

  • A Really Pleasant and Satisfying Movie

    • David
    • 8/28/16

    Two Hollywood greats in the twilight of their careers. I am not sure why I watched this movie. I watched the end of it on TCM while waiting for another movie to begin. I am not a religious person and I am not into miracles, but I do like a good story, and this one is well told. I have always liked Van Johnson, found his movies always watchable, but never was a big fan. Jane Wyman -- I knew her legend, but not her work. But, she is remarkable here -- a understated and touching portrait of a plain woman who finds love on a rainy afternoon. This movie has a great cast. Eileen Heckart in, what I believe was her first movie role. Always good in everything she did, and she makes a strong first impression here. I expected the Fred Clark and Barbara Nichols to sink into caricature, but they never did. They were people living their own stories. And one final note...I never knew that Arte Johnson was young once... This is the kind of movie that ends up on my list of favorites -- a movie I set out to watch with low expectations, only to be taken in by its humanity.

  • Miracle in the Rain

    • mike
    • 9/12/15

    What a gem! A beautiful story wonderfully realized by two fine actors, Van Johnson and Jane Wyman. Add to that a brilliant supporting cast including William Gargan, one of Hollywood's great character actors. Look for comedian Alan King as well delivering a fine performance as a G.I. with a camera and a genius for promotion. Great Movie!

  • Lovely Movie

    • eggselent
    • 9/11/15

    Started watching this once before,but can't remember much about it.Saw it almost in its entirety today,all but first 1-2 minutes.Have to admit,it was beautiful.Van Johnson was such a chatterbox as Art,it's easy to see how he charmed Jane Wyman's character.And Eileen Heckert,what an actress!Josephine Hutchinson & William Gargan as the parents who are finally reunited are touching.

  • greastest

    • annette
    • 9/11/15

    This a touching movie really enjoyed it my husband passed away too and sometimes he comes and talk to me too i really enjoyed it

  • TCM Showed only half of movie

    • Katherine
    • 3/17/14

    I was enjoying his beautiful little movie and its New York scenes from the 50s (Central Park, St. Patrick's and the Dakota) until it abruptly cut off to another film with a completely different WWII story line. I had to go on the internet to find out how it ended. When will it be shown again?

  • Easy to See Why Van Johnson Was So Popular

    • Natacha
    • 3/16/14

    Johnson plays Arthur, a young, lonely soldier who meets up with a young lonely woman, Ruth, played by Jane Wyman. Ruth has no social life because she cares for her mother who appears to be mostly mentally ill since Ruth's father dumped them both and disappeared. Arthur is upbeat and engaging and invites her to dinner. She can't go because of mother, so she reluctantly invites him home to dine with her and mother. Her mother constantly reminds her that men will only break her heart, but they start dating and she falls in love with him anyway. He gets deployed and is killed in combat. A fellow soldier writes Ruth to tell her, and also that his last words were that he should tell Ruth that he'll love her forever. Ruth, sick with grief, starts going to St. Patrick's Cathedral and notices that the statute of St. Andrew is always dark, so she places candles on his altar, which makes her feel better. Keeping St. Andrew's statute from being in the dark becomes an important routine for her, even though she isn't Catholic or even religious. She meets a young priest who tells her there are no membership requirements for worshipping. However, because of missing Arthur, she stops taking care of herself and gets pneumonia. She has a vision (?) of Art returning to her and giving her a Roman coin she had given him and that he carried for good luck. She is found passed out (dead?) at the church, clutching the coin. Her father does return and he and her mother find her at the church. The story ends. This story is excellent for lots of reasons--many women suffered the same type of loss as Ruth, and also never recovered from it. Many soldiers, then and now, suffered from loneliness and the need for someone to come home to. The threat of death or disfigurement was always present, both for the soldier and his love. Film is also excellent for depicting life during WWII.

  • outstanding movie

    • dana dailey
    • 9/29/13

    very few movies today can be called " outstanding " but this black and white movie from the war years of the 1940's truly is a gem !

  • Love Everlasting

    • CeeCee Lawson
    • 7/21/13

    From beginning to end, this is an emotional film that's tragic but beautiful. The actors deliver such a stellar performance, you'd have to be made of stone not to cry. I would love to see this on the roster for Mother's Day, as we all love a good tearjerker.

  • Miracle in the rain

    • Eileen
    • 7/17/13

    When will Miracle in the rain come back on TCM again ? TY

  • a rare gewel

    • norma mccoleman
    • 7/17/13

    A beautiful, little gem of a movie....see it and lose yourself and all sense of time. The two main actors, Van Johnson and Jane Wyman are will need a box of kleenex. I am so thankful to know that I can purchase this movie at TCM and play it whenever I want.

  • Beautiful

    • Shell
    • 7/17/13

    I happened to stumble across this movie today while I am sick with a cold and feeling pretty crappy. However, this movie was so inspiring and loving. I wish men today knew how to treat a woman like back then. I also adored her best friend. Thats what friends and neighbors are supposed to do in the time of need. I just adore this movie.

  • Biggest Tear Jerker Ever

    • Muriel
    • 7/16/13

    A very sad, but heartwarming movie. Johnson and Wyman are such endearing people. Great supporting cast.Make a double bill of "Miracle in the Rain" and "My Foolish Heart". You won't need a hanky, you'll need a bath towel to catch all the tears.

  • Miracle in the Rain

    • Lissa
    • 6/20/11

    This is one of the best love stories out there! Perfectly played by Van Johnson and Jane Wyman. I could watch this movie over and over, but be sure and get your handkerchief. You will need it.!

  • Astonishing Movie

    • Norman Deschenes
    • 6/4/11

    Miracle in The Rain will always live in my heart, Helping me, Guiding Me,Encouraging me & Strengthening me. It's Supernatural Power and True Sincerity has increased my Faith as I was Born in 1956 the year Miracle in the Rain was Released. God bless you all!

  • Miracle in the Rain

    • George C.
    • 5/5/11

    Inpiring Story and wonderful performance by Jane Wyman!!

  • Miracle in the Rain

    • Mary
    • 8/31/10

    Saw this movie on July 25th. It's a "chick flick" in that it's a romance movie but it's also quite sad. There are a few scenes where Jane Wyman's character, Ruth, goes to St. Patrick's Cathedral with Eileen Heckart's character, Grace. Art (Van Johnson) is Ruth's new beau but he's gone off to was and she hasn't heard from him. She goes with Grace to St. Patrick's to pray and sees a statue of St. Andrew who seems to be in the dark. She lights some candles and puts them at his feet. The priest (played by Paul Picerni) asks her what she is doing and she tells him that St. Andrew is in the dark, he shouldn't be in the dark. He lets her move the candles. She asks if she needs to pay for the candles and he tells her no. Ruth wants to come back and pray and the priest tells her she can come back anytime. There is no need to pay for the candles. My impression of the priest was that he was so inviting and welcoming to Ruth even though she was not Catholic. It seemed that she was not raised in any kind of religion. Her home life was sad and her mother was unaffectionate and not quite loving. Her father left them when she was younger and her mother did not trust any man, even Art who seemed to really love Ruth. He even asked her to marry him before he shipped out. I'm promoting this movie because of the scenes with the priest. I was just so impressed by the welcoming feeling by him. He told Ruth that she was always welcome at the church (even thought she wasn't Catholic). She seemed to find comfort in "talking" to St. Andrew to watch over Art and bring him back safe to her. The "miracle in the rain" comes at the end of the movie and it's not what you might think. Gives you chills and makes you believe in miracles! Of course, I cried. Who wouldn't? Love to cry at sappy movies. Pass this on to whoever believes.

  • Tear Jerker

    • KonaRose
    • 8/7/10

    You can feel for both main characters, who are completely opposite except their affection for one another. You never expect the ending, but deep in the back of your mind, you hope it doesn't end that way - it couldn't! But it does, and my heart sank.The movie keeps you in your seat, concentrating on what happens. It's truly too bad they don't make movies like they did back when this one was made - the 30s to 50s. You really don't need naked people, having sex (usually not even married), cussing, shooting, knifing and blowing up each other. It's why I love the old movies and collect them. TCM - please play this one soon!Aloha :)

  • Miracle In The Rain

    • David Elizalde
    • 7/25/10

    7/25/2010I just saw this movie for the first time and as for Van Johnson and Jane Wyman, I must say this is the best film ever for both of them. This is a story that hits at the very heart of people's heart and souls. For a old man of 66 that hasn't wept for years since my mother's death, I was in tears. As a veteran I related to the whole story's foundation. Thank you for bringing back the true meaning of compassion and love between man and woman.

  • A movie I could relate to.

    • Maria
    • 6/16/10

    I saw Miracle in the Rain and loved that movie. Two years ago, my fiance passed away and I haven't gotten over it and never will. I can relate to the pain of loosing someone you love. I could watch it over and over and never get tired of it. Jane Wyman really played the part.

  • Miracle in the Rain

    • Linda
    • 3/8/10

    I first saw this movie with my mom many years ago on late-nite tv. I was so enchanted with it & I never forgot it. It is a classic war-time love story with a "supernatural" twist. The characters are played so perfectly by Jane Wyman--one of my favorite actors of that era, & Van Johnson as the soldier, who won me over with his charming & happy-go-lucky personality. The movie also has an interesting sub-plot. This movie absolutely captures the nostalgia of the 1940's, with an unusual & magical story-line involving an old Roman coin bought on impulse at an auction by Ruth--(Jane Wyman)--who then gives it to Art--(Van Johnson) , as a lucky piece to wear when he goes off to war. As fate takes a cruel turn, Art is killed in battle. Ruth becomes inconsolable--to the point of becoming sick with grief & not wanting to live without him. A friend tries to help her deal with her grief by taking her into St. Patrick's Cathedral to pray. Her prayers are answered in the end when she goes to the Church one night in the rain--sick with pnuemonia--and she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with Art, who comforts her in his arms while telling her that he will love her forever. As he begins to leave, she tries to follow him and collapses on the church steps. When the priest discovers her, he sees that she is clutching something in her hand--the ancient Roman coin that she gave to Art when he went off to war.This is on my top-ten list of all-time favorites. So glad to get it on DVD. I will continue to watch it again and again.

  • A weeper that impressed a little kid.

    • artfrankmiami
    • 1/16/10

    The last time I saw this movie, I was somewhere between 6-8 years old--back when local TV still did their own prime time movie nights instead of network fair. I see TCM has it on tonight after Battleground, so hopefuly I'll be able to catch it again after decades of wondering why I never see it shown anywhere.

  • A lovely story by Ben Hecht...

    • Steve S.
    • 8/11/09

    With a plain Jane Wyman and a ever dandy Van Johnson.It was also nice to see William Gargan in one of his last feature film's - but w/ Fred Clark, Artey Johnson, Eileen Eckart and Alan King also apperaing it becomes obvious that the Golden Age of Hollywood is Gone With The Wind!

  • Marines love this Movie too!

    • Rebecca Rivera
    • 8/24/08

    When my sons were many years younger we happened across this movie on late night TV. We all cried alot and really enjoyed it. Later on when they had grown and joined the Marines they were at 2 different bases and happened to find this on TV again. Needless to say they talked the others into watching the movie and I had phone calls telling me of the "Big Bad Marines" all crying their eyes out and loving this movie too! I am happy to see it on DVD so I can once again enjoy it and remember back with my boys.

  • Wonderful Movie

    • kat
    • 5/20/08

    I love this movie, its so warm. Jane Wyman is wonderful and so believable. This is what movies should be like. I never miss it when it is shown. A must movie to see.

  • great movie

    • Vicki
    • 1/30/08

    one of the great love stories, all tho'perhaps underated.When I was a child it played on tv all the time, but haven't seen it for a long time , so had to buy the dvd.Also one of the best songs ever written.Please give it a try.

  • Miracle In The Rain

    • Prinscella Abbs
    • 1/21/08

    "Miracle In The Rain", is one of the BEST, LOVE-ROMANCE-HEARTWARMING-ENJOYABLE-STATE-OF-THE ART, MOVIE.Mention this movie to a group of ladies the comments is said to be, Yea!!! that is a good movie,would love to see it again, wondering why the movie is not being played, for as that matters, why good movies such as "Miracle In The Rain" and other movies are not being played more often? Believe it or not most female loves heartwarming stories. Could you pleaseshow this movie and other on TCM and AMC.ENJOY THE CLASSICAL MOVIES!!! (1900-1960ISH)KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN PLAYING CLASSICAL MOVIES!!!!!!PRINSCELLA PS I Rate this move OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • colleen
    • 12/8/07


  • Wonderful classic movie!

    • L Bailey
    • 12/16/06

    This classic movie Miracle In The Rain is faubulous! The chemistry between Van Johnson & Jane Wyman are spectacular. I saw this movie several years ago, & I still feel the same way as I did the first time I saw Miracle In The Rain. This is my all time favorite movie! I'm so glad that Miracle In The Rain is going to be avaible on DVD. Can't wait to receive!

  • I played hooky from school for this one!

    • Ray
    • 10/23/06

    Well.. I might have played hooky from school.. OR ... I may have actually been sick that day but back then... well over 40 years ago, I saw this amazing movie on an afternoon matinee on my local television station and I searched for this flick for years (not knowing the actual title). Here we are.. years later and, not only have I discovered the title of the movie, but have come to realize that it will be released on DVD early 2007. It made me cry then and it will make me cry again. I can't wait! This movie is "CLASSIC" in every sense of the word!

  • a good movie for a good cry

    • laurie
    • 10/10/06

    i saw this movie on the late show about 30 yrs ago. i enjoy movies from this era more than most of what is made today. sometimes i just want to watch aove story without all the complications film makers want to bore us with.miracle in the rain may be a sudser; but itiis an enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  • Beautiful classic movie

    • Lynn Bailey
    • 9/7/06

    A shy lonely woman Ruth Wood (Jane Wyman)& a handsome young soilder Authur Hugenon (Van Johnson) meet, one afternoon in the rain & fall in love. Fate has it's way & the soilder is killed in WWII. Ruth hears, of her fiance death & cares very little if she lives. Ruth becomes sick & goes out into the night & into the misirable rain. While walking ,past a church on night Ruth faints & a priest finds her. While the priest gets help, she see's her fiance in a dream. Authur gives her the will to live.

  • A Wonderful Film

    • Mike
    • 7/11/06

    Corny, perhaps, by today's standards...but pure magic was created with brilliant acting by Jane Wyman and Van Johnson...acting that has stood the test of time.

  • A Miracle in the rain

    • Mark Berggren
    • 6/25/06

    This movie was a true love story between a girl from New York and a man in the service. It tugs at your heart the way Ruth remembers him. When Art was killed in action she keeps up his memory to the point getting sick. He comes back to her in the rain and leaves her the coin she gave him. In the end they were together.I wish you could schedule this movie. 54 yrs old and I still remember this film.If you see it you will agree that it is a winner.Thank you,MarkP.S. I think it is great the way you remember the classics and bring them back for us all to enjoy.

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