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My Six Loves

My Six Loves(1963)

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  • My Six Loves

    • Joi
    • 11/26/17

    This is a great movie and I would love to be able to buy it on dvd. Why won't you release it on DVD. I have all of Doris Day's movies and most of Debbie Reynolds You have so many movies for sale what is one more? I have been waiting for years!

  • my six loves

    • jennifer
    • 5/30/17

    Please show this movie, I have asked several times. Why has it never been released on dvd. Also Andy Griffith best movie, ANGEL IN MY POCKET, it has disappeared also-please show it also!

  • Six Loves

    • el debbo
    • 12/16/15

    Cute movie and always a pleasure to see Eileen Heckart, the whiskey-voiced assistant and Max Showalter, aka Casey Adams. I like him! Loved the early 60's clothes. Wish they could've splashed out for better sets...because the surrroundings were so low-grade it looked a bit like a TV show.

  • My Six Loves

    • James
    • 3/31/15

    Love this movie. The kids of so cute and I think it is one of Debbie's best. Will it ever be released on DVD? Would love to have this movie in my collection.

  • A must-see for TCM

    • Julia
    • 12/2/14

    I saw this movie first run and it has been one of my favorites.I believe it is due for a showing on TCM.

  • Would love a copy of this movie

    • Anna
    • 3/14/14

    An all time favorite of mine. It's been quite awhile since I have seen it. I am surprised and very disappointed that I am unable to see it on the schedule of movies to be shown on TCM and also would love to see a DVD available to purchase!!!!

  • My Six Loves

    • Joi
    • 3/2/14

    I also remember this movie from childhood and have been checking for its release for years. From what I have seen with other wholesome movies such as Doris Day and Sandra Dee these movies sell out very quickly when released. Please consider our request to release it. Having it sit in the vault is not financially beneficial on your part or anyone elses. Wal Mart sells these movies out very quickly. There is a market for classic movies such as these. Something you can watch with your children and grandchildren.


    • mari
    • 1/7/14

    i have VHS recording so I guess I will keep safe sine no DVD

  • My Six Loves

    • marilyn
    • 1/7/14

    i also saw when child and loved. Now have grandchild and the search for blanket scene has real life laughs since grandchild LOVES her blanket as much as scene in movie. I HAVE VHS so I guess i will keep since no DVD

  • Love this movie

    • Debbie
    • 2/8/13

    When I was young girl it seemed I saw this movie seveal times on TV. I wonder why it's not offered on DVD and TCM. Would love to see My Six Loves.

  • my six loves

    • cathy vose
    • 1/6/13

    i would like to see this movie more. it brings out more family time together and morales. also would like to see it on dvd to be purchased please!

  • My Six Loves

    • Sharine
    • 4/6/12

    I love this movie! Refreshing and family oriented - perfect to watch with my family. I haven't seen My Six Loves since I was a little girl; I've tried to locate it on DVD, but I've had no luck :( Additionally, TCM hardly shows this movie - I've never seen it on here! Please find a way to play this movie for those who love it so much :) Thank you!

  • love this movie!

    • Laurie
    • 3/18/12

    This was such a great movie. For Heaven's sake...why isn't it available on DVD?

  • my six loves

    • Cheri Clark
    • 9/3/11

    This is such a great movie. I'd like to know why it is not on the schedule more often...ever! I can't remember when the last time I saw this movie, but my granddaughters are the perfect age to see it. I'm interested in getting them exposed to (hooked on) old movies and I think this one is one of the best, along with "Mister Scoutmaster" or "My Pal Gus" for instance. These titles are never shown anymore either for some reason....What do you say to finding them and putting them on The Essentials?!? Thanks!

  • My Six Loves

    • Ann G
    • 7/12/11

    I had seen My Six Loves a long time ago. It was such a wonderful movie and have been unable to locate the DVD for it. When will it come out? Thankx.

  • My Six Loves

    • Rena
    • 4/30/11

    How many years do we have to request a great family flim? This is not my first request for this movie "My Six Loves" is a family movie you don't forget I grew up watching this why must we wait for this great classic. Please put this on DVD or on Turner for those of us who would to see this film. Been requesting this for years now, what's up with this why have this request have not been granted?

  • My Six Loves

    • J.T.
    • 2/24/11

    I remember this movie from childhood and watched it every time I found out it was on. I would love to share this movie with my children and their children. It seems when movies like these are released they are sold out quickly in the stores. This is a very heart warming story and would be enjoyed by many of us it you would release it to dvd. I have been watching for it to come out for years.

  • My Six Loves

    • Jackie
    • 1/15/11

    This is a CLASSIC Family movie watched and loved for generations (4th for mine), yet this movie has not been available. I do not understand why because it is wonderful and a good, funny movie... a must to see especially if you have children. Please make this available. This is a very heartwarming movie!!!

  • my six loves

    • J Davis
    • 5/22/10

    I remember my mom taking my best friend and me to see this movie in the spring of '63. It was a magical movie. We had such a good time. How about getting it on DVD so that Mom can share this with me again as well as with her granddaughters and now great grandchildren.

  • great movie

    • j palmer
    • 9/28/09

    this movie is great! and like another reviewer i mention it in the same breath as "yours, mine and ours". i would love to be able to have my 11 yr old watch itshe loves "yours, mine and ours", also "the trouble with angels", i'm sure this would be another to add to her collection!!

  • A Great Movie for Debbie Reynolds Fans

    • Bob A
    • 8/16/09

    OK, so I'm a guy and I love this movie. As a matter of fact, I love most everything that Debbie has done, but most especially this one. Not only is Debbie's performance outstanding, but so is that of all of the supporting cast, as well. The story is heartwarming and all the children are very believable in their roles also. Veteran funny ladies Alice Ghostley and Eileen Heckart add to the high jinks, even the dog!This title deserves to be honored with a DVD release, maybe with a special feature commentary by Debbie, herself. This should be done before she is gone and it would be too late. I believe that all the others, with the exception of Cliff Robertson, are all gone. It would really be a shame to see this wonderful classic fall by the wayside!

  • My Six Loves

    • Ruth Anne
    • 7/31/09

    I am one of six children. A favorite memory for me is all of us and our dog crowded around the tv to watch this movie together. We had one couch, so most of us were on the floor fighting for position with a huge dog!Every time this movie aired, we were all there! Good times!! I really want to see this movie with my kids!!

  • Wonderful plot --

    • Glenda
    • 3/10/09

    Whenever anyone mentions Lucille Balls "Yours, Mine, & Ours" I always tell them about Debbie Reynolds "My Six Loves" as I think it is an even better story.

  • even my 6 yr old loves this movie.....

    • Ivy
    • 11/1/08

    I agree with the others that have posted comments. Please, lets get this movie out on DVD. I watched this movie with my 6-yr old and she even loves it. Believe me, if there is a good, wholesome movie that kids these days are willing to watch and even enjoy, I will buy a copy and more for friends and family as well! We can't let these treasures dissappear.


    • Jackye
    • 7/17/08

    Come on folks lets get this movie on DVD we have waited patiently for many years now...

  • Fun Movie

    • Mary L. Mcdaniel
    • 7/6/08

    I love this film! I have been searching for it to buy a copy for myself and one for my best friend. I am very surprised that it is not out on DVD. A lot of people like me are missing out on the opportunity to enjoy this funny and warm story. It always makes me laugh and feel good. Come on someone. Listen to the eager consumers like myself. Give us 'My Six Loves' on DVD. (I'd even settle for VHS.)


    • Rena
    • 11/21/07

    What has happen to good clean movies today. This flim is a great classic that need to be put on DVD I know this title has been requested for such a long time why is not any one listening to our commets on such a wounderful movie. A great family flim to share with your children and grand children, please place "My SIX LOVES" on DVD. Don't let such a great movie be lose in time. I know that every one who were involed in with such a famiy film would love to see this made to the public what do we have to do to get this done.

  • Great Movie

    • Carmen
    • 9/1/07

    This movie used to be on TV all the time but haven't seen it in more than 8-10 years. What happened to it? Why can't it be made into a DVD? It's such a wonderful movie and I would love to see it again. Did it just vanish into thin air?

  • My Six Loves / Debbie Reynolds & Cliff Robinson

    • Shirley
    • 6/27/07

    A really GREAT movie and story. Needs to be on DVD.

  • please bring this to vhs or especially dvd

    • P Marsh
    • 4/20/07

    An all time classic. Haven't seen in years. I want my kids and there kids to enjoy. It's never even on Tv and it should be. Whats better than love and laughter and just a heart-warming movie. A great way to spend an evening with the family.

  • Needed for my DVD collection

    • lynn
    • 2/18/07

    Have not seen this movie since I've been a kid. Just a great family movie.


    • JRJBL
    • 1/7/07

    My mother is 84 and she would love to see this movie again. I would also love to see it my self. Please help put it on vhs / dvd. Debbie Reynolds is a wonderful actress. All her movies should be available. She brings heartfelt enjoyment to every home.

  • Please put on DVD

    • David
    • 5/11/06

    There are great movies that I like to share with my daughter and grandchildren. This is one of those movies you can watch over and over. Please put it on DVD

  • What ever happened to this movie?

    • Carmen Polek
    • 4/3/06

    I love this movie and used to see it on television all the time and now it's never on. What ever happened to at least showing it on TV? Would also be nice if they made a DVD so that it could be purchased.

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