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  • Great memories...

    • Steve
    • 6/8/17

    My father introduced me to this film when I was a child and I absolutely enjoy it every time I watch it. Cameos from everybody that was somebody in Hollywood at the time. Cantinflas was great. Hope TCM schedules it to air again in the near future.

  • You listened ! Thank you !!

    • JT
    • 4/29/16

    I asked TCM for this childhood favorite and you listened ! I can't thank you enough. I haven't seen it in 50 years. But I remember how often it was on Saturday Night at the Movies and how I loved watching it with my babysitter as a child- with it's parade of comedians and cameos. Cannot wait !

  • PEPE

    • Raymond Valentin
    • 6/10/15

    As a young teenager I was delighted with the movie. The performances and the music were excellent, and the cameo appearances by many famous actors really gave the picture a magical touch. Watching the clips of the movie brought back many memories. I wish some day a DVD/Blue Ray of the movie would be released.

  • Too Many Assets to be Suppressed

    • Paul
    • 8/14/14

    Even with its flaws, and there are numerous, this movie has too many great hollywood icons and too many comical and endearing moments (primarily due to Cantinflas) to be suspended in an unspoken state of 'suppressed' by politically correct hollywood (and elsewhere) influentials such as Leonard Maltin. I saw this several times as a child in my neighborhood theater and loved it. TCM needs to take a stand and make this cute movie available on DVD, if for no other reason, because of the dozens of cameos by many historic hollywood favorites of the mid-twentieth century.

  • For whole families & horse lovers

    • DD
    • 7/28/13

    I honestly camped out in my neighborhood theatre during Pepe's run ~ at least my family knew where I was! Delightful, special photography using gigantic props. Enchanting music from Mexico and Maurice Chevalier !!Sweet and fun for all viewers ~ although the last time I saw it was a half century ago! Please show it again for this generation ~ Thank you.

  • A Child's memory

    • Robert Ozuna
    • 7/29/12

    I first saw this movie the year it was released to the theaters. My parents took all of us kids to see it and we absolutely loved it! Later in life I was fortunate to see it again with my own kids and they loved it also! The point here is that kids don't care about plots or scripts...they care about what they see and hear! If it makes them and their family happy to watch it, then it's a good movie in my eyes! Most of these folks who have posted a review seem to have the same opinion! This movie needs to be shown on TCM and released on DVD!

  • Pepe

    • Cindy Ramos
    • 5/8/12

    Please, Please put this move on and Please do it on a Sunday Afternoon, I love this movie and I so want my grandchild to be able to see this movie. I still have the orginal LPR from the movie. Please air it soon.Thank YouCindy Ramos

  • Pepe - Wonderful movie for the whole familia.

    • Eddie
    • 5/7/12

    TCM, I have been waiting many years to see this. Your station will most likely be the only one to show. PLease, please, please present it, so we can see it. thanks.

  • Pepe

    • Donna Ferguson
    • 2/26/12

    Other than Bambi, this is my favorite movie as a child. I was lucky to see it on TCM, I believe in 2010. It felt like getting a long awaited birthday present. It is a shame not to share it with the youth of today. I believe it would win alot of hearts,just like before. I read Leonard M's. review,apparently he didn't get the chance to see it as a child either. The tunes came back as a surprise, especially after 50 years. I would love to see it again or purchase it, so please consider this one for the kids,young old.

  • PEPE

    • Chris
    • 2/4/12

    One of the cutest movies I have ever seen and what a cast.

  • what a great movie!

    • Carol M Smith
    • 6/28/11

    I saw this movie with my highschool sweetheart when I was 16yrs old at the movie theater. Then I went to the movies with my parents a few weeks later and saw it again. Later that summer of '61, I saw it again at the drive in theater. I loved it! I never tired of seeing all the movie stars, the dancing and of course, the horse! I still remember the dance number with Debbie Reynolds and I believe it was Dan Dailey, doing a pretend ennibriated routine to a popular top 40's song called "Tequila". They were great! I have been searching for this movie for years and wrote to TCM about 14 yrs ago asking if they could get the movie. They replied back that they didn't have the rights. I not only would love to see the movie again but would also love to have a copy. I happened to catch part of it one day on one of the spanish stations in Los Angeles and I couldn't understand a word, but I didn't care! Such wonderful memories!

  • Why Haven't you released This Movie

    • Ivy Ibaven
    • 6/5/11

    I love this movie , I have been looking for this movie forever starting on VHS and DVD - Tell Paramount Pictures to release. I would love to show my grand and Great Grandchildren this wonderful movie.

  • "Pepe"has lots of cameos..but very little plot.

    • Kevin4Butler
    • 7/6/10

    In his very first American movie..Cantinflas..the Mexican comedy performer..goes to The USA to try and get his horse back.At the same time,he inadvertedly becomes an asistant director on a movie produced by Dan Dailey and starring Shirley Jones.The film has no real plot..but features cameos from many well performers of the day.

  • Pepe

    • Roy Raul Davila
    • 7/1/10

    I was but a boy of 10 Yrs. when I met Cantinflas ( Mario Moreno)the year the movie Pepe came out. I was star struck when I met him and have cherished that memory all my life. I would love to purchase the movie and would recommend it to all the people I know. This is just the right time in history for a movie like this to come out. I hope you all have the vision to release this great movie treasure.

  • Pepe

    • Ed
    • 5/18/10

    I only caught the last 20 minutes of this movie. I have been looking everywhere for it. No one has it. I wish TCM would show it again. They do not make delightful movies such as this anymore. I'd really like my grandchildren to see this movie.

  • Unofficial Rat Pack Film

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/2/10

    I have never seen the film Pepe (1961), but I checked out the synopsis and saw that the cast list includes members of the Rat Pack (or The Clan, as some say the proper name should be) - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford. Couldn't this be considered an unofficial Rat Pack film?


    • marty gilbert
    • 3/31/10

    I caught this movie on TMC twice now and just love it. I went on a search to find if it could be purcased on DVD so I can have it for my personal movie library. This is a walk down memory lane for all people that love old movies. I love all the guest stars in the movie, stars that are gone to us now. It is just a pleasure tosee them again in this movie. The story is charming, the performace of Cantaflas was adorable, and sprinkle in all the stars that appeared in the movie....well, it is just a five star movie. Everyone vote to get this wonderful movie on DVD withTurner Classic Movies.

  • Please Release Pepe on DVD

    • Rosalie Papach
    • 10/14/09

    This is such a great family movie you cry you laugh and you are just astounded by watching how many wonderful Actors and Actress are in this movie.This movie can be watched many times and never get tired of seeing it. When TCM shows this movie gather the family and have the popcorn ready for a wonderful night together!!!! Rosalie

  • Great Movie

    • Cindy
    • 9/26/09

    I was very young when I seen this movie and loved it . I have been trying to find out where I can buy it. The cast is Great ! It's a wonderful movie ! Could it be played on your channel !

  • "Pepe" 1961 Movie

    • Gloria
    • 4/12/08

    I was 8 when I saw this movie I still remember it well, and remember the sound track music from the movie. I wish someday that TCM can show it on cable or bring it on DVD. Of course, I have always liked Cantinflas in any movie he acted, he was a great comedian. Today I still check his video movies out from the library.

  • Very entertaining movie

    • Margaret Ljungborg
    • 3/31/08

    I enjoy it very much. A very entertaining picture like they used to make and no longer do. I loved the beautiful, wonderfully trained horse. The cameo appearances by some of my favorite stars, the wonderful dancing, beautiful pictures from Mexico. Watching it was a pleasure. I wish it would come out in DVD or VHS it is a picture one can watch with one's grandchildren.

  • Classic Film!

    • Frank Terry
    • 3/31/08

    I was working at the Theatre in 1961 and watched this movie a minimum of 50 times. The ONLY film I never tired of seeing!

  • "Pepe"1961

    • Russell
    • 6/2/07


  • Missed seeing this one

    • Velma
    • 3/9/07

    I missed the TCM showing of Pepe since it was on during the daytime when I was working. I have tried to find this movie for years and would dearly love to add it to my collection since it contains many of my favorite stars.

  • A Family Movie For ALL Ages.

    • Tomas Perez
    • 3/2/07

    This is truly a movie that could be enjoyed by family members of all ages. Tday we are in short supply of movies that can be shared with any member of the familly. Not having this film available is a shame. Within this movie are scenes that allow the english speaking public to see the wonder genius that was the comic actor Mario Moreno AKA Cantinflas. This alone is reason enough to have it made available.But it doesn't end there. The movie also contains many wonderful scenes with actors and singers of the day that are priceless.

  • PEPE on dvd

    • tom harris
    • 2/22/07

    PEPE was restored by Sony Pictures to its original length of 180 minutes (195 minutes was a misprint). I hope they plan on releasing it on DVD soon. TCM ran the old 157-minute version on Feb. 19.


    • ossie
    • 2/21/07

    I also wish COLUMBIA would release the movie PEPE 1960 in its original format.I have a VHS of PEPE (4:3 ratio) (157 minutes)taped from TV in 1993 and have been waiting for the VHS or DVD release to replace same.My private collection consists some 10000movies on original VHS & DVD (NTSC & PAL)along with some 800 Laser Discs (NTSC)My earliest film is FROM THE MANGER TO THE CROSS 1912. (LASER DISC)I mainly only collect the old classic USA and UK (all genres) films from silent days thru 1970. The MGM, TCF & WB musicals are my favourites.I am pleased to see that TCF & WB (AUSTRALIA)are finally releasing USA individual titles & box sets of some of the classic movies.Magna Pacific have been releasing many classic British films on DVD.One of our national TV stations screens 1-3 of the RKO classics practically every night. Unfortunately from midnight to dawn.It is good to see that the older films from the golden years are still

  • America needs Cantinflas!

    • jose francisco
    • 2/19/07

    I have been watching TCM for almost a generation. I revolted when my cable provider COX, decided not to carry TCM (they changed their minds). I have over the years acclaimed TCM to those I influence for the attention they have placed on Latin American films. I want to encourage TCM to continue screening films starring Mexican and other Latin American actors that have been made in the US. PEPE, is just such a film. I need not mention that your future viewing audience will be very HISPANIC in the generations to come. Please, more of these films. Cantinflas is a master of the Continent when it came to cinema, show him more. In closing,


    • Gary
    • 2/2/07

    I love this film when I was a teen back in 1960 with the exception of Around the World in 80 Days never had I seen a Cantinflas movie or sooooooooo may more stars making appearences. It was wonderful to hear judy garlands voice on the soundtrack since shewas yet to appear in anew film since A Star Is Born. Shirley Jones and Dan Dailey danced beautifully together. Then they cut it by at least 45 minutes Oh please TCM show THE UNCUT VERSION just for me??

  • One of the best Classic Movies ever made

    • Frank
    • 8/14/06

    I have only seen this movie once about 28 years ago and I remeber it as if were yesterday. I have never enjoyed a movie soo much and laugh so hard than I did with "Pepe". I would love to share this movie with my kids and laugh again so heartedly. TCM If you run this movie every once in a while, especially in the early evening, you will be amazed at the kind of review you will be reading about from your viewers.

  • Great Family Movie, A True Classic...

    • Steve
    • 2/18/06

    I saw this movie when I was a young teen in the 80's. My father loved Cantinflas' movies and had rented it on VHS. It was at the time the only Cantinflas movie I had seen since this one was primarily in english. I truly enjoyed it then and would love to see it released on DVD to enjoy it again. It's a silly story but innocent and very entertaining. It is especially nice seeing the cameos of so many great hollywood movie stars . It would be wonderful to be able to share this film with my children so TCM, please air this film every once in a while.

  • What a classic gem.

    • renee
    • 2/13/06

    This movie is by far one of the best family movies ever made. I saw it when I was about 10 (1970) and would love for my children to see it. We have the soundtrack on cd and vinyl and my children know it by heart. The 100+ cast of characters alone make the movie well worth seeing. Unfortunately, there are few votes for this movie. I hazard to guess it is because no one's seen it. Please let this movie be seen. I am sure it will be a hit because it is excellent. You can't miss what you can't measure and I guarantee this is the only reason this movie is not in constant rotation today. Family values??? How about getting some on TCM?

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