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After serving five years in the Navy during World War II, Matt Gordon, an erstwhile pearl smuggler and schooner captain, returns to Singapore. As his plane is about to land, Gordon gazes at the striking ring on his finger. At the airport, Gordon is questioned by Deputy Hewitt, who warns him against smuggling pearls out of the colony. Proceeding to his hotel, Gordon asks for his old suite but is told that it already has been occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Bellows, American tourists. Taking a seat at the hotel bar, Gordon reflects back five years to when he was seated at that exact table with the love of his life, Linda Grahame: Although Singapore is threatened by imminent invasion, Linda refuses to leave Gordon and they decide to apply for a marriage license. When news comes of the Japanese attack, Rev. Barnes waives the legal waiting period of three weeks and agrees to move up the ceremony. On Christmas night, the eve of their wedding, Gordon and Linda retire to their hotel room to celebrate. Sensing that something is wrong, Gordon finds petty thief Sascha Barda hiding in the closet. After ominously remarking that Mr. Mauribus is expecting Gordon, Barda leaves, after which Linda presents Gordon with a ring inscribed "one life, one love," and Gordon gives her a strand of magnificent pearls. The next day, Hewitt questions Gordon about the origin of the necklace and Linda claims that she bought it in New York. On the way to the church to be married, Gordon admits to Linda that he is a pearl smuggler and has hidden an invaluable cache of pearls. As they wait to say their vows, Gordon learns that the military has occupied the hotel and rushes back to his room to retrieve the pearls he has concealed in the ceiling fan. Refused entry to his room, Gordon hurries back to the church in the midst of a bomb raid and arrives to find the building in flames and Linda missing. Certain that Linda is dead, Gordon boards his schooner and leaves Singapore. Gordon's reverie is interrupted when Barda appears and informs him that Mauribus has something that belongs to him. Gordon immediately proceeds to Mauribus' shop, where Mauribus produces Linda's necklace, which was found in the wreckage of the chuch and offers it in exchange for Gordon's cache of pearls. That night at the hotel bar, Gordon is stunned to see Linda dancing with a strange man. When Gordon approaches her on the dance floor, however, she fails to recognize him. Discovering that Linda, now know as Ann, is married to plantation owner Michael Van Leyden, Gordon visits her the next day and tries to jar her memory by mentioning the name of her former servant, Ming Ling. When Linda, who is suffering from amnesia, becomes flustered, Michael pulls her aside and they confront the realization that someone from her past has finally appeared to identify her. Asserting that Gordon is disreputable, Michael convinces Linda to discard her ties to the past. Michael then tells Gordon that Linda lost her memory in an air raid and is no longer interested in reclaiming her former life. Later, a curious Linda seeks out Ming Ling, who recalls Linda's profound love for Gordon. Linda then goes to see Gordon at his hotel, and when he begs her to resume their romance, she replies that she will not hurt her husband, the man who gave her a future. Pulling the ring from his finger, Gordon sorrowfully returns it to Linda. After Linda leaves the hotel, Barda, who has learned from passport forger Peppe that Gordon plans to kidnap her, follows her. Alone again, Gordon breaks into the Bellows' room, and pretending to be Mr. Bellows, phones the front desk to bring a ladder to fix the broken ceiling fan. After tricking the bell boy into leaving the ladder, Gordon climbs up to the fan and is about to remove the pearls when he hears Hewitt in the room next door and quickly stashes the pearls in the Bellows' suitcase. When Hewitt passes Gordon in the hallway, he informs him that Linda is missing. Hurrying to the docks, Gordon finds Peppe and questions him about Linda's disappearance. Linda, meanwhile, is being held prisoner by Mauribus and Barda, who are interrogating her about the pearls. Learning from Peppe that Barda owns a nightclub, Gordon goes there and demands to see Barda. Pretending that Linda has betrayed him and stolen the pearls, Gordon tricks Barda into taking him to Linda. After throwing Linda onto the floor, Gordon pulls a concealed gun, shoots Barda and Mauribus, then carries Linda to freedom. When Linda regains consciousness, she is in her husband's bed and calling for Gordon. Realizing that she is still in love with Gordon, Michael remorsefully admits that he has been aware of her true identity for three years and frees her from her commitment to him. Having checked out of his hotel, Gordon, meanwhile goes to the airport, where his bags are meticulously searched by customs agents. When he sees the Bellows' suitcase conveyed into a back room, Gordon follows, and finding Hewitt there, confesses that the pearls are hidden in a shoe bag. Hewitt releases Gordon, who then boards his plane. Michael, meanwhile, speeds Linda to the airport, arriving just as Gordon's plane takes off. Sympathetic to the lovers' plight, Hewitt arranges for the aircraft to return to the terminal, and Linda jubilantly races down the runway to a reunion with her lost love.