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Summer Love

Summer Love(1958)

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Jimmy Daley practices with his buddies in the band, "The Ding-lings,", Ox Bentley, Mike Howard, "Half-Note" Harris, "Sax" Lewis and "Fingers" Porter. Although Jimmy's physician father, Thomas Daley, Sr., worries that the band's upcoming summer tour will prevent Jimmy from pursuing a college education, he is willing to let his son find his own way in life. Before the band's first engagement at a Lake Tahoe, California, summer camp, Jimmy says goodbye to his girl friend, Joan Wright, cheering her up with a bus ticket to visit him. At the camp, the boys are encouraged by the sight of dozens of attractive young women, but soon learn that Ox, who manages the band, has failed to inform them that they must perform odd jobs during the week to earn their keep. Although discouraged, the boys improvise songs while they work, and urge pretty singer Alice Bronson to accompany them. Their first show proves a huge hit, especially after local beauty Erica Landis arrives with an entourage of suitors. Ladies' man Mike, immediately smitten with her, appropriates an unscheduled drum solo to attract her attention. Not realizing that Erica is drawn to the unavailable Jimmy, Mike pursues her passionately over the next few days. Meanwhile, Thomas and his wife Beth surprise Jimmy by announcing that his younger siblings, fourteen-year-old Twinkie and budding entrepreneur Thomas III, will be staying at the camp. Although Jimmy initially resists having to "play babysitter," his father convinces him that the arrangement will allow Beth her first vacation in years. Twinkie and Tommy are angered by Jimmy's reluctance to have them join him at camp, but are pleased when he later invites Twinkie as his date and arranges for Tommy to run the camp laundry concession. Later, hoping to charm Jimmy, Erica instructs Mike to invite the gang to a party at her parents' house. There, Jimmy disapproves of Erica's manipulative treatment of Mike, especially after she urges Mike to clean up and then gives him a bicycle to ride back to camp instead of a hoped-for kiss. Over the next few days, Twinkie tries to look older to attract horse trainer Tad Powers; Tommy convinces Alice's smitten little sister Jackie to wash clothes for him; and Mike begins to skip work and rehearsals in order to woo Erica. Soon, Mike's indolence prompts the camp management to threaten to fire the band, forcing Jimmy to approach Erica to ask for her help. Thrilled to finally attract his notice and sensing an opportunity to impress him, Erica agrees to encourage Mike to work harder. Soon, Mike, with Erica by his side, accompanies the band members everywhere. One night before a show, Joan visits, and a jealous Erica responds by planning a cookout at her place the next day. There, while Ox and Alice, who both have sweethearts back home, try to ignore their growing attraction, Erica organizes a jet-ski contest. After she names Jimmy as her teammate, Mike and Joan watch suspiciously as the duo spends the rest of the party together. Joan wants to trust Jimmy, but Mike, finally aware of Erica's deviousness, counsels her to act quickly to ensure Jimmy's continuing interest. With this in mind, that night at the show Joan dances with every boy in the camp, then leaves with Mike at the end of the evening. Erica follows with a confused Jimmy, but when Mike and Joan take a boat onto a moonlit lake, Erica encourages Jimmy to drive off with her. Erica then admits to Jimmy that she has fallen in love, but leaves in a fury when Jimmy mentions Joan. Meanwhile, Ox announces to the other band members that Alice has secured them a permanent job at a neighboring camp, and later, after discovering that his girl friend is dating someone else, woos Alice in earnest. Jimmy returns to the camp at the same time as Joan and promptly breaks up with her, after which he tells Ox he plans to leave the band and enroll in Erica's college. The next day, a visiting Beth and Thomas inadvertently disclose Twinkie's true age, temporarily ruining her romance with Tad, who later admits that he is only fifteen. Ox turns to Thomas for advice about the band breakup, prompting Thomas to advise Jimmy that, since "summer love" can cool off, he should ensure that Erica truly loves him. Excited, Jimmy races to Erica and reveals his plan to be with her night and day, but is shocked at her cool reaction. Realizing that she was interested in him only when he was not interested in her, Jimmy throws Erica into the lake and rushes back to camp. As Thomas and Beth watch with pride, Jimmy kisses Joan and joins the band onstage, where Mike detaches himself from his newest girl friend long enough to play the bongos.