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The Tioga Kid

The Tioga Kid(1948)

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Outlaw Clip Mason, alias The Tioga Kid, is wanted for robberies and rustling. At Ranger headquarters in Tres Alamos, Texas, it is discovered that The Tioga Kid resembles Marshal Eddie Dean. The captain assigns Eddie and his sidekick, Soapy Jones, to check on the outlaw while they are returning some stolen horses to the Morgan ranch. There, ranch owner Jenny accuses Tucson, one of her hands, of being in cahoots with the rustlers. When Tucson attempts to kiss her, they struggle, and Eddie arrives in time to intervene. After Eddie and Tucson have a fistfight, Jenny fires Tucson. Jenny then tells Eddie that local rustlers have been trying to take control of her ranch so they can use it as a hideout for their stolen livestock. In nearby Dow City, meanwhile, The Kid informs local rustler Morino that he has been taking business away from him and that from now on he wants an equal share of all their jobs. Upon meeting The Kid, Tucson declares that he is a "dead ringer" for a man he saw out at Jenny's ranch, a man who may be a Ranger. Later, Tucson calls on Jenny, apologizes and asks for his old job back. He then shows her a wanted poster for The Kid, and assuming Eddie is the outlaw, she tells him to leave. Later, Tucson stampedes the horses Eddie returned and attacks a small detachment of troops carrying an Army payroll, killing the soldiers. Eddie looks for clues around Tucson's bunk and finds the payroll satchel, then Tucson surprises him and they fight. As Eddie beats Tucson, The Tioga Kid shows up, looking for the money from the robbery. Eddie tells The Kid that he is in deep trouble as it looks as if he was in on the Army raid. The Kid knocks Eddie out and flees. At the saloon, Tucson tells Morino about The Kid wanting his share of the money, and they decide to get rid of him. Later, The Kid and Morino brawl, and after one of Morino's henchmen knocks The Kid out, Morino decides to hold The Kid for the reward money. Soapy is then shot by one of Morino's men, and his horse returns to the ranch without him. When Eddie asks the horse where Soapy is, the horse leads Eddie to him. Eddie goes looking for Morino and the man who shot Soapy, but Tucson draws a gun on him. Morino plans to kill Eddie and claim the reward for The Kid, but Eddie and Soapy manage to escape and ride to the Morgan ranch. There Eddie tells Jenny that Soapy has found her horses and that they will be returned soon. The Kid, meanwhile, escapes from Morino's clutches. Morino then tries to stop Eddie and Soapy from returning the horses, but they drive them by another route, directly through town. A gun battle breaks out and The Kid comes to help Eddie. The Kid is shot but Eddie beats up his killer, Morino. Later, identical birthmarks reveal that the Kid and Eddie are brothers, but were separated when they were very young after their parents died in an Indian massacre and were unaware of each other's existence. Jenny invites Eddie and Soapy to stay on at the ranch, but they insist that they must move on.