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The Train

The Train(1965)

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  • It's amazing Burt didn't get hurt

    • Jeff Boston
    • 5/5/19

    Starting a trio of stuntman Burt (the better Burt) films with simple, great titles and admirable depth and production values, "The Train" precedes "The Professionals" and "The Swimmer" in laconic Lancaster's career after a trio of extremely political propaganda pieces ("Elmer Gantry," "Birdman of Alcatraz" and "Seven Days in May"). Well earned is his position in the pantheon of Hollywood hot shots. "The Train" is an Essential worthy of being played Saturday nights at 8 on TCM. The Spitfire, hotel, paint, hill, and track scenes are gripping with a "real" feel. Scofield is convincing, but as designed, this is Burt's baby all the way.

  • The Train

    • Mary P. Ludwig
    • 12/17/14

    I went to see the Movie "Monuments Men" a few months back, and as much as I enjoyed it, I heard that the Burt Lancaster film "The Train" was much better. I ordered the DVD, not knowing that it was coming from the UK, and that I wouldn't be able to view it here in the states. Bummer ! What is the reason that it is not on a DVD here in the states?

  • The Train

    • Eric A
    • 3/16/14

    ***1/2 Solid WWII fiction, quintessential Burt, honorable mention to Frankenheimer, one of his best.

  • all aboard

    • silvio bentivoglio
    • 11/21/13

    what can i say about the 1964 film the train, a how lot of this master piece of fine art and I'm not talking what the movie is about, a classic black and white world war two flick drama as it finest with all who play any role in this film as it as quite a unique story line, not the usual world war movie as some other might gross you out, this one does it with classic when at that time things weren't so good in 1944, i just hope they would never bring this to color because it would be a great injustice to do it, so ladies and gents i give this one a five star not a lot of films i do give it that high of a star as the train is one of my personal top twenty favorite movies of all time, so check it out grab the popcorn and if you luv drama flick's you like this one, cheers and enjoy :)

  • The Train

    • Gary
    • 11/21/13

    I give this film 5 stars*****

  • "The Train": Fact or Fiction?

    • Rich Bysina
    • 11/16/13

    So many movies made about World War II -- this is one of the very best! From first scene to last, the drama never lets up. My only question: Is this a fictional story, or is any part of it based on fact? Either way, it still is one hell of a movie! "Sez Who?" Sez me... Rich Bysina

  • The Train

    • Dashiell B.
    • 11/26/12

    A quick-paced, WWII film about trains. Lancaster & Scofield each give compelling performances as two men each obssessed with their respective missions. As mentioned, the action is quick-paced & the Oscar-nominated story ask if any art is worth the lives of others. Will be best remembered as a tribute to Lancaster's athleticism. I give it a 4/5.

  • The Train

    • Bruce C
    • 2/18/12

    One of the best anti-war crimes movie ever filmed. As John Frankenheimer notes, Labiche (Burt Lancaster)is a thing of beauty - especially in this film. His persona is as powerful as is his stature. A genuine realism isfelt throughout this film, is quite remarkable. The scenes are almost countless where Lancaster performs hisown stunts - unheard of today. He was the quintessential man wearing an affixed heroic label. The film isfull of suspense, intrigue and with an added dash of romanticism for good measure. Is one of the very bestWWII films likely made. Part of the films stature could be attributed to it being made black and white in '64.The absolute defeat of the Colonel (Paul Scofield) being ignored magnifies the diligent efforts of the French Underground - that as kids growing up in post war, had reflected many home front stories. When Labicheconfronts the Colonel amid the strewn crates of paintings, it tears at you - knowing what the contents inside of the crates contain and how close to being absconded that they came in this film.

  • A Railfan's War Movie

    • Bob Di Giorgio
    • 1/19/12

    THE TRAIN portrays steam-era railroading in wartime with outstanding realism. It was honored by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers for its accurate presentation of railroad operations. The massive collision scene was the real thing. Three locomotives were destroyed in that scene, in an event so potentially dangerous that part of the town was evacuated in case a boiler exploded. It didn't, but one of the six cameras shooting the scene was nearly destroyed. Footage from that camera was used in the film.The picture was made 20 years after the war. Modernization of the French railways was well along, and retired steam engines were plentiful, and on their way to the wrecking yards, so the moviemakers could use the real thing. But this isn't just a railfan's movie. The story is a gripping war action film, tight and suspenseful from beginning to end, and quite unlike any other.. It's not to be missed.

  • The Train, an amazing fil

    • Laurie Davis
    • 1/19/12

    Watching this film on TCM as I write. Have seen it many times and am always amazed at how incredible it is. The tracking shots are so skillfully done I find myself wondering "how the shot that!!! What can I say about Lancaster? He should have been awarded the Oscar for this movie. What. Great actor he was. You don't see films like this any more. Thank heaven for TCM so we can enjoy such gems.

  • The Train

    • Cher
    • 10/8/11

    A great movie. Burt Lancaster is fabulous. Suspenseful and exciting. Beautiful cinematography. One of my all-time favorites.

  • The Train (1964)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 10/16/09

    A very exciting thriller, great pacing and expertly directed by John Frankenheimer. Burt Lancaster gives a very intense performance. Very well edited, great cinematography. Excellent production and a solid supporting cast.


    • Lu G.
    • 6/14/08

    It's 1944 and WWII is in its last days. The Nazis are trying to take anything they can out of the rich art treasures in France. There is a warehouse in Paris full of Van Goghs, Picassos, etc. A German Colonel loads them on to a train for Germany. The French Resistance learns of this and goes into action to sabotage the train and save the treasures. Paul Labiche (Lancaster), a French train engineer is not interested at first (he is counting on the Allies to show up at any moment and save Paris) but when he sees the patriotism and heroics of the Resistance fighters, he becomes a part of the resistance and uses his courage and skills to try and thwart the German Colonel. In the end it becomes a one on one match of wits and ingenuity between the two men-a microcosm of the good versus evil that was symbolic of the greater war. A lot of action but real action, not the computer generated stuff of today's films. Burt Lancaster does all his own stunts which are not insignificant. A terrific view of another slice of life during WWII. Did I mention that Burt Lancaster and I co-starred in AIRPORT. Actually........if you're really quick with your pause button you might be able to spot me walking across the airport lobby.

  • Great Film

    • Jerry A
    • 5/31/08

    A great action/mystery/war film about patriotism,loyalty,and doing what is right in regard to conscience. A train is transporting the stolen art treasure of France to Germany. The French underground comes up with a fantastic plan to stop it.A must see!

  • Another winner from Frankenheimer.

    • Frank R.
    • 10/4/07

    It is amazing that director John Frankenheimer managed to turn out this film, The Birdman of Alcatraz, Seven Days in May, and the incredible The Manchurian Candidate all in less than three years. For this he should be on every list of all-time best film directors. The suspense of this film starts building right as the credits begin as Nazi Colonel Waldheim (Paul Scofield in a tour de force performance) takes possession of the priceless paintings, and does not let up until the razor sharp conclusion. Once again Frankenheimer makes good use of Burt Lancaster's considerable talent, while French legend Jeanne Moreau provides some heartfelt dramatic moments. This one is not to be missed.

  • The Train

    • Craig
    • 7/27/07

    People keep quoting "old Movie" . Only good movies today are cartoon or animated movies. animated actors dont throw there regelion, DUI's. Burt Lancaster, Randolph Scott, John wayne. Heros we can touch.

  • Loved THE TRAIN

    • Debby
    • 3/8/07

    This was an excellent and exciting movie. I hope you'll show it again so the rest of my family can see it. I loved the black and white. It was a brilliantly produced and acted movie.Thanks.

  • A hidden treasure!

    • Charlie S
    • 3/2/07

    I have always loved old movies, particularly war movies. While channel surfing the other night I came across this movie half-way through and was riveted. I had never even heard of this before. The action scenes are incredible. No cheap models here. I was also amazed to see Lancaster do a great deal of "real" stunt work here. And the suspense was great. I'm so taken with it that I bought the movie just so I could see what I missed. A must see for anybody who loves either WWII or just plain exciting movies.

  • Great Movie !

    • Annette Wilmers
    • 3/1/07

    We really enjoyed "The Train" last night on TCM. It held us spell-bound for the entire movie. Was glad to know it won the academy award for best screen play. Think Burt Lancaster should've won the best actor award, also ! Hope it wil be in the line-up again soon.

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