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Vivacious Lady

Vivacious Lady(1938)

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  • No reason for all the raves

    • Calamity
    • 12/20/18

    Nice little movie, but nothing great about it. As with most romantic comedies it is contrived and really forced. And, if there is chemistry between Ginger and Jimmy, I saw it not. She should have left him about 15 minutes into the movie.

  • vivacious lady

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/23/15

    Another so so comedy from George Stevens. Except for the cat fight between Ginger Rogers and Frances Mercer there was nothing that made me laugh or was even all that interesting, to tell the truth. One of Stewart's weaker performances, in my opinion. When Rogers upstages you then you know you're off your feed. Give it a C plus.

  • vivacious lady

    • katie flannagan
    • 8/24/13

    Wonderful movie. Made me laugh and cry what a wonderful show!

  • Very Entertaining

    • Aisha
    • 6/10/13

    This movie certainly shows two of my favorite actors James Stewart and Ginger Rogers! Since they were dating during the shooting of this movie the screen chemistry is very enjoyable with comedy and romance it truly is enjoyable! I recommend this movie to anyone who need a little cheering up or just has nothing to do .PLEASE TCM PUT THIS MOVIE ON DVD!!!! PLEASE!!

  • What a movie!

    • Flora
    • 1/10/13

    Always a delight to watch this movie, I love everything about it and Ginger and Jimmy make such an adorable couple. Please release the DVD already, it's been too long of a wait. Thank you TCM for bringing movies like this to our viewing delight!

  • Fun Smart Movie

    • K2
    • 12/24/12

    Always enjoy this smart and funny movie when is makes the TCM rotation.

  • Ginger's Best Movie

    • Jezebelle
    • 9/3/12

    Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart had excellent chemistry (probably due to the fact that a year earlier they had a romantic relationship) and they pull you into their story in such a real way. You believe that they want to be together and you enjoy all of the shenanigans that they get into while trying to tell everyone that they are married. This movie is a must see because of the fine way they interact, not just with each other, but with the supporting characters as well. Trust me, it will shoot to the top of your "Ginger Rogers: favorites" list. For those of you who believe that Fred and Ginger are the best pairing, you will be pleasantly shocked with these two because Jimmy sure does give Fred a run for his Ginger.

  • One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen!

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 10/3/11

    This film is simply a comic gem -- with a fantastic cast (I can't imagine Ms. Rogers ever being more beautiful or funny), clever and hilarious dialogue, and brilliant acting by the leads and supporting cast. Even the actors of the relatively minor roles were superb -- Willie Best steals the scene at end on the train with a fall-down-funny performance as the emotionally-confused porter! And Dorothy Moore, playing the hat check girl, manages to steal her scene with James Stewart ... from the background! Heck, even the opening credits were original and cleverly done! I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy this film once it's released on DVD (and that better be soon!) *****

  • Very good film

    • Steve
    • 10/1/11

    I take each movie for what it is, and try not to say "best movie EVER" or "great film!". I'm watching this movie on TCM right now (10-1-11), and let me tell ya one ting...Ginger's look when she is wrestling her gal adversary is priceless! It's elegant, raucous, and sexy all rolled up into one. I very much appreciate the classics, especially the fine ladies, but for some reason have ignored Ginger Rogers as a hottie. No more. She is great! PS...I miss Robert......bless him and come back soON!

  • Hilarious

    • Leah
    • 7/13/11

    I love this movie. It is hilarious and has a great cast. I hope to find it on dvd, but have not had any luck.

  • Fabulous, and a travesty

    • LRT
    • 4/24/11

    Fabulous is for this film. I saw it on Turner Classic years and years ago, and was riveted. It's hilarious, well acted, well directed. And the scene where Jimmy Stewart gets drunk? Oh my! People think of Stewart as a dramatic actor, and goodness, but he was, and one of the finest ever. But he could do comedy too, and this proves it. Contrast this film with the mindless drivel of so-called 'comedy' nowadays, with adolescent jokes that pass for humor, and the intelligence of this film - even as a comedy - stands out. I'll stop short of brilliant, but all around it's excellent.That leads me to the travesty, which is that this movie isn't available on DVD. As an intelligent film, this should be celebrated. Then there's the cast. Stewart is one of the best, perhaps the single best actor Hollywood has ever had. This is not only his first lead, but also the only time he ever worked with Ginger Rogers, herself a screen legend. Coburn is perfect as the stodgy patriarch, lording over and intimidating everyone in reach, and Bondi even more believable as the passively rebellious housewife. That this is buried away is almost criminal just from a film history perspective, and I would argue from a much broader one.

  • One of the funniest films ever

    • Mark Desetti
    • 1/5/11

    why this film is not available on video is a mystery. The cast is terrific from leads Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers to great supporters like Franklin Pangborn and Grady Sutton. The script is brilliant - witty and sharp. The acting is superb. And to top it off, this film has more sexual tension in it than any potboiler made today. We know exactly what Stewart and Rogers are thinking about every time the Murphy bed drops! Vivacious Lady is screwball romantic comedy at its best.

  • Vivacious Lady

    • K. Young
    • 12/30/10

    I am surprised that this is not included in a Ginger Rogers set of some kind. It has a great cast, and the dialog is just plain funny. I have been waiting for it to be available since 1996 when I first saw it.Get a move on will you?

  • Vivacious Lady

    • Rachel Girard
    • 9/22/10

    You must release this in DVD! It is a wonderful screwball comedy with top actors, hilarious writing and most of all brilliant acting. A must have for any collector!

  • Vivacious Lady

    • Robert Contreras
    • 9/20/10

    I love this movie. I can watch it over and over again. Ginger Rogers is so beautiful and funny in this movie, and Jimmy Stewart is also funny in this movie. I love to see them when their movies are playing on TCM. TCM thank you for the memories.

  • Vivacious Lady

    • cheryl
    • 3/26/10

    I loved this movie-it's one of those that I can watch over and over again. I felt that Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart fit well together. His parents were hysterical-especially the mother.

  • Vivacious Lady Indeed!

    • Brooke
    • 3/26/10

    I absolutely fell in love with this movie! Ginger Rogers is so real and funny and James Stewart is so endearing. By the end of the film you're in love with him and want to be best friends with her. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

  • Vivacious Lady (1938)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/23/09

    Wonderful romantic comedy with a great cast. Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart make a great team. The supporting cast is outstanding, especially Beulah Bondi and Charles Coburn as Stewart's parents. Great pace, well written and directed.

  • One of the best romantic comedies!!!

    • Jenna
    • 7/3/08

    This is probably the greatest romantic comedies!! I love it!! It is absolutely hilarious! Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rodgers are terrific in this movie! The characters were phenomenal!!! I laughed practically the entire time!! Why isnt this on DVD??!!?!

  • when love was simple and breathtaking

    • greta
    • 6/17/08

    This movie it reminds of the"boyish and girlish" love. you don't see movies like that and actors with this level on their craft. Today is all about body and you see actors that don' knoe how to act, just how t take their clothes off.

  • Love Love Love This Movie!

    • mcf
    • 1/3/08

    Loved this movie. Never knew Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart had such great chemistry. They were both so achingly romantic and hilarious together. May the dvd-gods one day release this for all of us to watch over and over again!!


    • Wilemon
    • 11/29/07

    This is a terrific movie that should be played alot more!


    • Jenna
    • 11/29/07

    I love this movie!!! It is definitly one of my most favorite movies!! They should show it more often because it isnt on DVD. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!

  • Wears thin quite rapidly

    • Steve Vause
    • 11/27/07

    When you feel embarrassed for actors having to continue with the inanities of a script, then a movie becomes unwatchable. You can only discount stupidity or superficiality in the characters for so long. This goes way beyond what can be tolerated. Either the writers and director were deliberately trying to kill the screwball comedy or they had disdain for the intelligence of their audience.

  • Social dynamics at its best with a twist of comedy

    • Nick Cannella
    • 9/21/07

    This Rodgers and Stewart team, not to mention the other stars including the train porter Willie Best is A+ with dynamic social interactions - punch lines are extraordinary for a film of this era.Overwhelmingly this should be on a DVD and shown as an oldies, but goodies on our college campus.

  • Loved this movie

    • Eric N.
    • 8/5/07

    This was a great film. What else do you expect from James Stewart. The Mortal Storm is another one not to be missed with Mr. Stewart.

  • Asking for it!

    • Robert
    • 8/5/07

    I've sent e-mails regarding the release of this on DVD or the airing of this movie (more often) for quite a few years. I'm glad to see this forum on TCM and again will say that this movie is FANTASTIC. Please share it with the world!

  • The Best !!!

    • Jodi
    • 6/13/07

    In a day and age when vulgarity and violence are what seem to guide movie production, one can certainly appreciate such a classic movie that relies on great actors and story writers to make a movie. I laugh from beggining to end every time I watch this movie. Simply put its my favorite movie and I could watch it every day if I had the time. I have it on VHS, recorded off of tv, so the quality is not that great, cant wait for it it be released on DVD.

  • Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers, need I say more?

    • Angie
    • 12/26/06

    Okay let me get this straight, this sweetly entertaining movie is not on DVD? I am sure that anyone who has seen this will agree that someone messed up somewhere. If they're not going to put it on DVD anytime soon they should at least play it more often. I enjoyed this movie and will buy it when it comes out, I just hope it hurries along already.

  • What a gas!

    • Riley D. Wilson
    • 5/3/06

    In the middle of a bad month at the start of a bad year, and in the midst all around messiness, I turned on the tube and stopped everything and laughed myself stupid. This movie is brilliant!It is certainly worth watching more than once and when available will certainly become a staple of classic movie lovers like Philedelphia Story and the Thin Man.Please Dear Sirs in power, put this gem on DVD!

  • Why isn't this movie on VHS or DVD ?

    • Sandi Jameson
    • 2/20/06

    I love this movie.I'm not sure why this isn't better known. There is sooo much garbage on DVD, it doesn't make sense this isn't released.When you have Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn how can you go wrong? At least TCM will be playing it in Feb. You can bet I will record it.Thank-You TCM.


    • FOXY
    • 2/20/06


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