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Holidays with Hitch
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Holidays with Hitch - 12/25

On Christmas Day, for a tingling change of pace, we are featuring a selection of classics directed by the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. The 11 films in our Hitchcock tribute span three decades and include two edgy black-and-white thrillers. Shadow of a Doubt (1943) is the study of a young woman (Teresa Wright) who lives in a small town and comes to suspect that her visiting uncle (Joseph Cotten) is a notorious killer. Strangers on a Train (1951) casts Farley Granger as a tennis champion who inadvertently becomes involved with a madman (Robert Walker) who wants to "swap murders."

Moving on to Hitchcock's Technicolor period, we have three exemplary thrillers starring James Stewart: Rear Window (1954), with Grace Kelly; The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), costarring Doris Day; and Vertigo (1958), featuring Kim Novak. Kelly also serves as leading lady in Dial M for Murder (1954), while another Hitchcock favorite, Cary Grant, stars in North by Northwest (1959). Shirley MacLaine made only one film with Hitchcock: the whimsical comedy The Trouble with Harry (1955).

From the 1960s come The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964), both starring Tippi Hedren, one of the cool and lovely "Hitchcock blondes"; and Topaz (1969), a Cold War espionage thriller about intelligence agents, including an American (John Forsythe), who become entangled in events leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis.


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